Ooh La La... Candles

100% Soy Candles
Hand Poured- Premium Scented


                                              Glass Jar:

Our glass jar is a great traditional compliment to any room. 
The Scent Throw for this jar is recommended for large spaces.

18oz:  $18.00 (aromatherapy lid)

14oz: $14.00 (aromatherapy lid)

                                             Travel Jars:

Our Travel Jars are very popular because of their modern and contemporary look, glass jar with a screw on tin lid.

4oz- Great for a guest bathroom or your car- easy travel item.

Wax Cubes:

Our cubes are perfect for someone looking for an alternative.  You can get the same great benefits of a candle, but by using a warmer.  Each clamshell comes with 6 cubes of the same scent; they are easy to break apart and once all the fragrance is used- clean up is easy.  Once cooled- you can wipe the cube out of your warmer with a paper towel.

Burn Times:

Burn times can vary due to many different variables.  The Rule of thumb is that 1oz of all natural 100% soy wax can burn for 2-4 hrs.  By trimming the wick before each use you will prolong the burn time.

Cold Throw:

Please keep in mind you can also use Ooh La La...   Candles without lighting them.  In a inclosed room (bedroom, office, restroom or car) our heavier scents will have a powerful cold throw.  Just remember, when you are not using the candle, place the lid back on the candle so the scent can continue to strengthen.

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